Dr. Sullins history

Know Dr. Sullins rather than believing misleading web attack

Some history

Dr. Sullins has trained and successfully completed core Carrick Institute 800 modules and more. As well as sitting for multiple board exams and clinical practicals successfully.

Previously, Dr. Sullins had been practicing board-certified Functional Neurology in Texas (moved to BC for family) and helping patients with many different conditions that British Columbia does not allow to be treated. In fact, many British Columbians are having to travel to another province to get this board-certified treatment.

Dr. Sullins is currently practicing under the name of North Shore Complete Health and not Brain Balancing due to the fact the college of chiropractors does not allow such wording (even though the brain is part of the nervous system).

We found his new website to be lacking some information, but chiropractic neurology can be difficult to explain as therapies vary depending on condition. We hope to see the site updated soon: www.NorthShoreHealthy.com (NorthShoreHealthy.com)

Please do not get the brain balancing franchises that are across the US confused with Dr. Sullins title of his previous clinic.

Brain Balancing happening in the United States and other places:https://www.brainbalancecenters.com/

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We thought this video was a good representation of Functional Neurology. Also, https://youtu.be/8Bx3-N0ZSC4