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This site was established by a group of Dr. Sullins supporters who got tired of seeing lies and misinformation spread about him. Dr. Sullins has nothing to do with the establishment of this site. It is simply our gift to him for all he has done for us. We hate to see such a competent and great doctor get his reputation smeared.

The Whom does this affect…….you!

Furthermore, the people of British Columbia deserve access to advanced healthcare that they are currently being denied due to an extremely restrictive and outdated ‘scope of practice’ etc.

What can you do about it?

Write to you MLA and other asssociated groups.MLA contact information on Health Resources tab

Write to your MLA and other officials: You deserve better

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    In support of British Columbians getting access to more healthcare that is proven effective

    The people of British Columbia deserve access to updated proper advanced healthcare such as what Dr. Sullins is very well qualified, but restricted from ‘scope of practice’ in British Columbia. What a shame? How many people are suffering out there when there is available, proven help in our own province (the rest of Canada is not as restrictive regarding Board Certified Chiropractic Neurology, DACNB designation) see training here: https://carrickinstitute.com/

    Information on the misleading lies spread about Dr. Sullins

    So we did much research and through many networks, online information and speaking to others that personally know Dr. Sullins, this is what we can bring you with full confidence of the truth.
    December 2018 – A person walks into Dr. Sullins clinic, scared his patients, provided no personal ID or release of records forms, demanding personal patient records including sensitive information such as SIN.
    April 2019 – RCMP called by Dr. Sullins for his safety, there was no investigation into Dr. Sullins as the newspapers would lead you to believe. After arrival I was told that the RCMP dismissed the College of Chiropractors’ documents as not being legally enforceable and Officer asked Dr. Sullins if he would like the College representatives to be legally removed and escorted off the premises as Dr. Sullins felt threatened by their unprofessional words and harassing overly bullying behaviour. This is all in the police report, I do not know why certain medias just copied and pasted the very misleading article that clearly did not bother to do any proper research.
    June 2019 – As reported in the CBC attack against Dr. Sullins “The evidence in the matter is overwhelming with respect to the ongoing risk that Dr. Sullins poses to the public” – It seems “Evidence” was never provided by the college to back up their claims.
    Advertising claims – Chiropractic cannot claim to treat a condition when there is “lack of acceptable evidence” – Dr. Sullins never claimed to treat nor did he claim his treatments would benefit a certain condition. Again, this is easily proven, if just a hint of proper research was done. Dr. Sullins never claimed Chiropractic to treat ADHD. A patient testimony on the website also suggests he’s helped with some conditions which BC Chiropractors are specifically banned from claiming to treat’ (British Columbia restrictions are unprecedented and unmerited compared to the rest of Canada & world) – That specific testimony documenting Dr. Sullins’ success with that condition was from his patient in the US. (that ADHD testimony we copied and pasted below(redacted due to BC restrictions, we wouldn’t want anyone to know where to go to get help for a specific condition now would we) is in the slideshow and can easily be found on the internet from existing archives).
    In Dr. Sullins’ petition the College failed to take into account the impact a suspension order would have on him and his new family. (In the end the impact was unprecedented:> high fees that were threatened to be raised higher if not paid and agreement to admission signed, >unnecessary emotional and mental stress on his brand new family with a newborn child and >being forced to sever relationships with patients without explanation ( in many areas outside of BC this would be considered patient abandonment), >unjustified financial loss of income for 10 months to support family with newborn with no trial or evidence to substantiate claims. Read the guy’s affidavit, it explains the complications associated with his wife and newborn son and the college of chiropractors abused him like this. I wish I could say this was the only incident. However, read on about the multiple lawsuits, etc. against the college of chiropractors. It has even gotten to the point of parliament stepping in (delay due to Covid unfortunately) to restructure a system that is so blatantly reckless in what they claim to be as ‘protecting the public’. Research will tell you otherwise. This kind of behaviour and shenanigans from the college of chiropractors is however why the minister of health is implementing an ‘Oversight Committee’ so the college of chiropractors cannot just do whatever they want with no accountability. It has been an ongoing problem long before Dr. Sullins was on the scene and the MLA and governing authorities need people like you to write in and put pressure on them so that you are able to get proper healthcare and your doctors are protected to give it to you.
    The problem of bullying, harassment, deception and so on from the college of chiropractors has gotten to be so bad that hundreds of thousands of $$ have already been raised to pay for lawsuits against the college (we stop short of putting the crowd donation links here because this is about clearing Dr. Sullins name and not focus on all of the shenanigans of the college).
    Mar-2020 ‘North Vancouver’s Dan Sullins has admitted to violating rules for Chiropractors in several ways’ — we found out from a close friend of Dr. Sullins, who we will not name, that he was forced to sign admission or face even higher fines. My guess would be that since the unsubstantiated fines were imposed so recklessly that Dr. Sullins probably thought what is to keep them from just naming their price. I mean they fined the poor guy for using a Groupon campaign for advertising, allegedly no explanation as to why. The Scope of Practice Claim brought against Dr. Sullins and his extra board-certified education not able to be used in BC just shows that Chiropractors that move to BC from the US or other locations are given very little information on how to practice in BC.
    In interviewing other chiropractors, we learned that the jurisprudence exam does not coach Chiropractors or offer a more clear definition about the bylaws. Accessible online, the bylaws are very vaguely written to offer advantage to the college and chiropractors are forced to pay a lot of money to retake exams for which they are already qualified and information in exams are not specific to practicing in BC. It seems to be such a broken system of corruption and greed for money. Look it up.
    A chiropractic friend of mine claims that he cannot even get a straight answer from the college when he asks for clarification to make sure he is within compliance. So I guess their game plan is to be very vague and come out guns blazing with fines to obtain funding. As very much evidenced here. Does it seem interesting that a qualified Chiropractor cannot claim to be a specialist in BC if properly qualified and credentialed? Whereas most of the rest of the world and even the rest of Canada specialists are vetted and qualified to offer advanced healthcare for the public benefit. Sorry British Columbians you miss out (unless you write in to your representatives!!).
    In British Columbia we are being denied the right to access certain healthcare and this must stop. The only way to make a change it to write your MLA(contact information on Health Resources tab) and demand the opportunity to receive the best healthcare out there. There are way too many people out there that could be (and are in other parts of Canada) helped with their condition.

    What sense does it make to deny someone, their child, grand parent, friend, etc. an opportunity at a better life?? Especially when this type of healthcare is getting proven everyday that it works.
    “The brain is the head of the body and controls what happens in the body, so it only makes sense to go to the source the brain operate at it’s peak performance – Neuromuscular Skeletal System -defined by Professional Conduct Handbook which is available for anyone to see on the College website – The college definition: Spinal and Neuromusculoskeletal Examination:- range of motion (general, segmental) – muscle testing – strength, joint integrity, muscle innervation – neurological/orthopedic status – reflexes, dermatomes, specific tests and/or signs ———- The brain is an essential part of the nervous system as most anyone knows. The “nervous system” is specifically outlined to be within the scope of “chiropractic” practice as defined under section 1 of the Chiropractors Regulation, BC Reg 414/2008 (the “Regulation”) under the Health Professions Act. A registrant of the College may practice chiropractic. This scope of practice is outlined at Part 9 of the College’s Professional Conduct Handbook. As the treatment of the nervous system is within the scope of chiropractic practice, does not violate the provisions of s.86(2) of the Bylaws of the College under the Health Professions Act. We saw that actually no evidence was offered as to how Dr. Sullins was practicing outside his scope of practice (perhaps just because of his board certified post doctorate credentials are actively maintained)
    Failing to Cooperate Right to privacy for patients – Dr. Sullins failed to cooperate because he was protecting his patients’ privacy from a complete stranger who apparently did not even identify himself (I was not present at this event so this part cannot be verified, just information obtained from an honest reliable mutual friend). In the US, HIPPA regulations require formalized paperwork before personal and sensitive information is released to ANYONE, He wasn’t aware that the same protection does not exist for BC patients. A quick search on this says that (surprise BC is different than the other provinces) with their personal information protection act, however the same governing principles apply nationally as to obtaining permission, divulging the scope and breadth of information, etc. So I can see why Dr. Sullins was so guarded about handing this private information to a complete stranger. Well, hopefully the facts here, limited in some detail but true, serve to somewhat clean Dr. Sullins name with respect to the way it was dragged through the mud in response to the college of chiropractors themselves dropping the ball on regulation and a news article being released on them. Perhaps, Dr. Sullins, especially being a specialist, got caught in the crossfire and was ‘made an example of’. Being new to BC rules and regulations the new college of chiropractors registrants are not coached more closely on this. It seems per other chiropractors that the jurisprudence exam is vague. So I guess, the college of chiropractors being so small collects a lot of money in throwing out unsubstantiated fines. They are sure going to need it with all of the lawsuits headed their way.
    It is so sad that such instances can still happen in such a great country as Canada. We need your help to get action taken in British Columbia so this kind of thing does not continue to go on. Please consider writing to your MLA and officials(information on Health Resources tab). You are a member of this society and have everything to gain for you and your loved ones to get better healthcare. No one should have to suffer in silence.